The card was later seen burnt and tattered, flying through the wind over the ruins of the Hall of Justice, the potential headquarters of the Justice League.[11]. Batman locked him away in Arkham Asylum, but Joker eventually escaped once again and got his teeth replaced with metallic grills. In an act of sadism, Joker picked up the nearest bit of equipment, a nano-bomb implementation gun, and shot it into Van Criss' neck. He told Griggs he was "Going to be Joker's friend. Joker circled Griggs, sadistically smiling at the terrified guard (in gleeful anticipation of the ruthless torture he was about to unleash upon him), implying Griggs kiss his ring, then straddling the man and suggesting he could "tell Griggs meant it." Batman then brought her to the Batmobile and drove her to prison.[5]. Eventually in 2016, after becoming increasingly bored and unhappy without Batman, who left Gotham City to begin establishing the Justice League, and, most of all, his beloved Harley Quinn, Joker, who by this point had taken to drawing an accented black smile around his mouth to keep up appearances, began deploying his numerous goons to track down her location. However, once they realize they weren't picked to succeed but chosen for their patent culpability when they inevitably fail, will the Suicide Squad resolve to die trying, or decide it's every man for himself? Her look … This is Joker Suicide Squad from Injustice Gods Among Us Mobile IOS Use AddonPeds by Meth0d or replace by changing the name : example "ig_bankman". The reunited Joker and Harley Quinn happily kissed and embraced, with Harley delighted that her boyfriend dressed up for the occasion. Appearances Their first mission: save the world from the apocalypse. Thus resulting in her severe mental instability.[5]. When she told him she would, he decided to die was too easy and asked her if she would live for him instead. We bring you the best Premium MixMaxMatch that perfect for news, magazine, personal blog, etc. If there is no picture in this collection that you like, also look at other collections of backgrounds on our site. Freddy's Guide to Super Hero-ing (drawing) Joker's role in the original ending of Suicide Squad has been revealed and verifed by director David Ayer. She gradually fell in love with him, and the Joker got Harleen to do him favors, which was giving him first a stuffed kitten, and then a machine gun. Directed by David Ayer. Unlike Romero's prankster, Nicholson's mobster and Ledger's anarchist, this version of the character is a contemporary gangster and a complete sadist. Jared LetoJohnny Goth (body double; Birds of Prey)[2]. Human As he recovered from the encounter, he found humor at the sight of burning cash from a nearby bank. Joker is also remarkably manipulative, easily psychologically enthralling Dr. Harleen Quinzel and commanding the respect and loyalty from all of his henchmen (who don't hesitate to break him out of Arkham Asylum), in addition to being extremely intelligent and unpredictable, thus managing to torment his nemesis for years, and catch Amanda Waller off-guard by sabotaging her ARGUS helicopter. Real name Joker after finding out Harley's location. In the preparation for the role process, Jared Leto met with imprisoned psychopaths, doctors and psychiatrists and explored gangster histories and his physical appearance was influenced by Mexican cartel bosses and Alejandro Jodorowsky. A devastated Batman would later place the damaged and vandalized suit in an exhibit in the Batcave.[8]. Joker then removes his mask to reveal himself and reunites with an overjoyed Harley. On Twitter, Ayer just again stressed how much better the performance really is. But after the recent news arrived online that Jared Leto will return as the Joker in Zack Snyder’s Justice League on HBO Max, the Suicide Squad director told fans on … By Spencer Perry - December 17, 2020 11:54 pm EST. Plot is unknown. [5], At some point before the Battle of Metropolis, the Joker, with help from Harley Quinn, managed to kill Batman's crime-fighting partner Robin. There is a possible inconsistency with the death of Robin within the timeline. Unknown to Harley however, the Joker had managed to jump from the helicopter just in time. Devoid of empathy or pity for anybody taking part in his wicked schemes either by intimidation or fraud, the Joker, however, used to adore his on-and-off girlfriend and partner-in-crime Harley Quinn, doing his utmost to rescue her from the Suicide Squad and clutches of Amanda Waller, with eventual success. With Will Smith, Jared Leto, Margot Robbie, Viola Davis. [10], The Batman in a possible future holding a rifle with a Joker card attached, In a dark potential future, Darkseid came to Earth and killed the newly resurrected Superman's lover, Lois Lane, making the distraught Man of Steel susceptible to Darkseid's mind control. — David Ayer (@DavidAyerMovies) December 16, 2020. Joker is also a feared criminal in the streets of Gotham City, allowing Harley Quinn to assault people without having to worry about consequences. Later that night, the Joker and Harley were driving down a street in Gotham, in the Jokermobile both maniacally laughing, while Batman pursued them in the Batmobile. Harleen claimed to love him, but Joker responds by saying that he is not someone who is loved, but rather "an idea, a state of mind, who executes [his] will according to [his] plan," with Harleen not being part of his plan. Un jour, il lui demande de lui amener une mitraillette ; par amour, elle le fait. Add-On Dc Comics First Uploaded: October 06, 2018 Last Updated: October 06, 2018 Last Downloaded: 4 hours ago gta5-mods. Dr. Van Criss initially hid behind a wall of bulletproof glass, but much to his dismay and horror, Joker promptly showed Van Criss a live feed of the latter's kidnapped wife. $29.99. The Joker is sculpted by James Marsano. Joker's gangMonster T (formerly)Insurgency (potential future)[1] [5], Harley and Joker embrace after he breaks her out. The movie version of the Harley-Joker relationship combines aspects of the TV show, the old comics and the new comics. Actor(s) Joker sadistically manipulating Monster T. Joker, due to him being a crime boss at the very top of Gotham City's criminal underworld (thus having a penchant for having his subordinates kiss his hand), is an exceptionally powerful and influential crime boss with vast resources, owning a lavish strip club, having a collection of numerous weapons (both blades and firearms of all sizes and calibers, all lying neatly sorted on the floor of his chambers), and commanding numerous strong, flamboyantly dressed, well-armed, and fiercely loyal Joker's gang goons (lead by Joker's right-hand man Jonny Frost). When he got to the car underwater, the Joker was gone and Harley was unconscious. This news comes to us from David Ayer on Twitter. Suicide Squad Joker. Batman then put the Batmobile in auto-drive and jumped onto the roof of Joker's car. James Gunn will reboot Ayer’s story as The Suicide Squad, a quasi-sequel that will bring back a handful of returning characters will introducing several more. From shop Decoforia. 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Alias(es) After the Suicide Squad had managed to defeat and kill Enchantress, her brother Incubus, and her monstrous army, they were all re-imprisoned in Belle Reve, albeit with their sentences shortened by 10 years and their cells rendered more comfortable in gratitude (with Harley notably gaining an espresso coffee machine). “Vastly better,” David Ayer personally responded. Free shipping. Before the movie was released in 2016, Leto had been featured prominently in the marketing materials, suggesting […] Sometime after returning home, Joker broke up with Harley, using one of his henchmen to throw Harley out into the streets. 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To mark that he had changed at the hands of Batman's fury, Joker got "Damaged" tattooed to his forehead, permanently reminding both himself and Batman of what had occurred between them. Various sources report that the studios plan on featuring the anti-heroine in a trilogy of films for the character's first story-arc. Inspiration, make up tutorials and all accessories you’ll need to create your own DIY Suicide Squad Joker Costume. Despite his psychopathic malevolence, on some level, Joker seems to reciprocate Harley Quinn's strong romantic love and infatuation in his twisted way (possibly due to her being one of the extremely few people to rival his psychopathy, with him thus feeling a kindred spirit in her), being exceptionally distressed after losing her (drawing a black smile around his mouth), being very possessive of her (promptly killing Monster T after the gangster made lustful remarks that she was a "bad bitch"), is desperate to rescue her from the clutches of Amanda Waller, is exuberant during their reunion, happily kissing and embracing his girlfriend, claiming that he would do anything for her, and willingly breaks into Belle Reve alongside his henchmen just to break her out. Reebok Mens Gray Quilted Puffer Windbreaker Packable Coat Outerwear XL BHFO 1500. Later, the welcoming helicopter arriving at the ARGUS headquarters (for extracting Amanda Waller from the hands of Enchantress) was revealed to have been hijacked by the Joker, Jonny Frost, and his goons, and they opened fire over the Suicide Squad, while Dr. Van Criss simultaneously disabled Harley Quinn's bomb, allowing her to climb aboard the chopper (after informing her of this by SMS). This is the first live-action iteration of the character to not receive any kind of disfigured smile or even an extended makeup smile. Male It is unclear what exactly the Joker's role in, Before Leto was cast as the Joker, many actors were speculated as possible Joker actors including. However, Monster T then took notice of the exceptionally beautiful Harley Quinn, and promptly made distasteful remarks about her, proceeding to stare with lustful desire, an act that greatly displeased the Joker. Joker taking all of her credit for the robberies she had managed to commit. This is the first time that the Joker is not depicted as the main antagonist. Suicide Squad. She then decided to go public in a big way by using a truck to ram Ace Chemicals, resulting in a massive explosion. [1] It is implied that the Joker also confronted the Batman again, possibly dying in the process, as evidenced by his signature playing card duct-taped to the Batman's rifle of the Batman possibly in memory of the now-rebellion leader's former foe. It’s been four years since Suicide Squad made its debut. They kissed again and the Joker broke down into maniacal laughter. After the two breaks up, criminals of Gotham are no longer afraid to kill her one of which is Roman Sionis who wanted to kill her to prove himself. Did Marvel Studios & Sony Extend Their Spider-Man Deal? Joker then kissed her, and Harleen awakened. Griggs ultimately agreed to lead the Joker into the facility where ARGUS' nano-bombs are created. After campaigning on social media, DC fans were able to convince Warner Bros. to develop Zack Snyder’s Justice League, an alternate cut of the 2017 movie Justice League using both deleted and newly-shot footage. The Joker is an infamously extreme and formidable psychopathic crime lord from Gotham City, being at the very top of the city's criminal underworld, greatly feared by other crime bosses. As such, there's still constantly new updates about Suicide Squad in the years since its release. Joker turned to walk away, leaving her to die, but was conflicted, changing his mind and jumping in after her, he pulled her up to the vat's surface. Griggs was brought before Joker's goons, and while he remained relatively unfazed, he showed visible fear when the Joker himself entered. Status Joker also uses sexuality to intimidate and unnerve his victims, sitting on Griggs' lap and stroking him, as well as calling Monster T a "handsome hunka hunka" when he offered Harley to him. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice – Cross Fire (mentioned indirectly)Time Out Shortlist Gotham and Metropolis (mentioned)Suicide Squad: The Official Movie NovelizationShazam! After the “Snyder Cut” campaign proved to be a success, some DC fans have similarly been calling for the release of the “Ayer Cut” of Suicide Squad. Suicide Squad Script Page Reveals Original Joker Ending We Weren't Allowed to See. In response he called Harley over, intimidating Monster T, and making him somewhat uncomfortable by suggesting he sleep with Harley, as well as calling him a "handsome hunka hunka". While he had shot much more footage than what was seen in the theatrical cut, most of it wound up on the cutting room floor. Share In promoting the film, this version of the Joker was added to the mobile version of DC's video game. His dark and twisted personality makes Joker find humor or sport in the suffering and fear of his enemies, and he is seemingly impossible to intimidate, due to his pathological fearlessness. Among the Insurgents was the Joker, who assisted the Flash by obtaining a Mother Box to help him and Cyborg construct the Cosmic treadmill to travel back in time and prevent this future from ever coming to be. Shortly thereafter, Joker's bizarrely dressed goons (lead by Jonny Frost) broke into Arkham Asylum, and successfully aided their boss in escaping, tying Harleen down in the process. [5], Joker and Dr. Harleen Quinzel in Arkham Asylum, In Arkham Asylum, Joker would first meet a psychiatric intern Dr. Harleen Quinzel when he was assigned as her patient, whom he psychologically sabotaged and manipulated. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Unknown However, the … DC Comics Harley Quinn Dynamite Tee Suicide Squad Joker … Jared Leto is returning to the DC Comics fold, reprising his role as the Joker from 2016’s “Suicide Squad” in Zack Snyder’s new version of “Justice League.” It&#… AliveUnknown (potential future) Upon repeated interactions, the Joker developed a sick and twisted love for the Batman, and their games together. After the release and financial success of Suicide Squad, Warner Bros. and DC Films announced multiple films being developed featuring Margot Robbie reprising her role as Harley Quinn, including: Suicide Squad 2, Birds of Prey, Gotham City Sirens, and an untitled film centered around Quinn and the Joker. Le docteur Harleen Quinnzel était alors sa psychologue ; elle croyait le soigner, en réalité elle était en train de tomber amoureuse. The only predictable aspect of the Joker's criminally insane psyche is his inherent unpredictability: Joker describes himself as "an idea, a state of mind, who executes [his] will according to [his] plan." Required fields are marked *. 4.5 out of 5 stars (5) 5 reviews. Affiliation(s) It is known, however, that at one point, he fell into a boiling vat of toxic waste during a botched robbery at ACE Chemicals, permanently bleaching his skin chalk-white, turning his hair bright green and staining his lips bright red. However, with the help of the more mentally resistant El Diablo, Harley was able to snap out of it and continue her attack against the evil army. Joker successfully employs this vast influence and resources of his to quickly track Harley Quinn down to the remote supermax prison of Belle Reve (across the United States from Gotham City). According to his bio, his favorite joke is Batman. Joker, with his signature malevolent smile. ", before gleefully claiming that he couldn't wait to "show Griggs his toys. Suicide Blonde American Monster T, however, welcomed his fellow crime boss ally back, congratulating Joker on his escape. And director David Ayer offered another short but exciting take on that Joker. Birds of Prey (And the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn), Warner Bros. Pictures Presents Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, General Mills Presents Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Man of Steel: The Official Movie Novelization, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice – Cross Fire, Suicide Squad: The Official Movie Novelization, Wonder Woman: The Official Movie Novelization, Birds of Prey (And the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn) characters, Variant cover of the July 07, 2016 edition of American magazine, 'The Snyder Claus' w/ Zack Snyder - AFSP | Film Junkee & Ping Pong Flix Deck the Hall of Justice - YouTube, Johnny Goth on Twitter - February 18, 2020, Jared Leto to Play Joker in Zack Snyder's 'Justice League' (Exclusive), THIS JOKER TATTOO IN ‘SUICIDE SQUAD’ HAS A BIGGER MEANING THAN YOU REALIZE - Altpress, Jared Leto Maybe the Joke in The Suicide Squad, 15 WTF Ways Jared Leto Prepared To Play The Joker, The Joker is an extremely malevolent and evil individual, being a complete psychopath (albeit on the high functioning end of the spectrum) with seemingly no regard for human life, and a ruthless sadist who takes sadistic pleasure in torturing others to achieve his goals, evidenced by when he (with help from Harley Quinn) brutally murdered Robin, and left a jocular spray-painted message for Batman on the damaged Robin Suit, as well as when the Joker cruelly implanted a nano-bomb into Dr. Van Criss' neck, even after the latter had agreed to comply due to the Joker already having the man's wife hostage. Your email address will not be published. The film's mid-credit scene leads to the 2017 film Justice League. Suicide Squad director David Ayer recently revealed a new behind-the-scenes video from the DC Comics movie featuring Jared Leto as The Joker.Suicide Squad has … The film also introduced a new Joker, played by Jared Leto, who was more a crime boss covered in tattoos and with an over-the-top attitude than the psychopath, criminal … Leto can also be seen taking on another comic book adaptation when he stars in next year’s Morbius movie. RELATED: The Suicide Squad Had John Cena Eating So Many Empanadas He Almost Puked. Before the movie was released in 2016, Leto had been featured prominently in the marketing materials, suggesting he’d play a large presence in the story. Each measures approximately 12" tall. She responded in the affirmative and allowed herself to fall into the vat of chemicals. A massive conflict began between Darkseid and Superman's Regime and the Batman and the Justice League's Insurgency. Hence, given the chance, he will kill again and again, but the how, why, when, and whom he will kill cannot be anticipated, sometimes even by genius detectives like Batman and Commissioner Gordon. Comic(s) Margot Robbie, Viola Davis, Joel Kinnaman, and Jai Courtney all return from Ayer’s version with new stars including John Cena, Idris Elba, Peter Capaldi, David Dastmalchian, Nathan Fillion, Storm Reid, Michael Rooker, Pete Davidson, and Sylvester Stallone. Suicide Squad director David Ayer has shared his thoughts on Jared Leto's portrayal of Joker, saying his "heart breaks" for the actor. $11.99. However, the controversy surrounding Jared Leto’s Joker is still widely talked about. Monster T, having picked up on Joker's displeasure, attempted to assure him that Harley was his girl and that he wanted "no beef". Birthdate Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (mentioned)Suicide SquadBirds of Prey (And the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn) (drawing; flashbacks)Zack Snyder's Justice League (unreleased)[3]David Ayer’s Suicide Squad (unreleased) Director of Suicide Squad David Ayer admitted that he wished that he made the Joker the main villain of the movie. Gender Film(s) He resolved once more to find Harley, having long ago come to peace with the idea that she would probably be the death of him, and that he would be likely the one to strangle the life out of her. DC Comics Mens Suicide Squad Joker Skull Logo Licensed T-Shirt Heather Black New. Book(s) Eventually, Batman would defeat and apprehend him, subsequently having the Joker imprisoned in Arkham Asylum for his numerous crimes. The Joker is also the longtime archenemy of Batman, whom he considers to be his own favorite "joke" and the murderer of the latter's protege, Robin, along with Harley Quinn. The reunited lovers finally embraced before fleeing from the prison together, heading "home" (most likely meaning Gotham City).[5]. Eventually, Jonny Frost returned and revealed that she is imprisoned in Belle Reve supermax prison. This, coupled with his completely unpredictable psychopathy, makes Joker a worthy opponent even for Batman himself, thus being the Dark Knight's nemesis. Recently, Suicide Squad director David Ayer confirmed an online fan theory regarding the mysterious women in red who appear (to be dead) in the background of some of Joker… Nothing, including his real name, is known about the Joker's past before the start of his supervillain career, though it can be surmised that he was most likely born and grew up somewhere around Gotham City, New Jersey and was born before Batman.[4]. However, their reunion is cut short, as Joker's helicopter is shot down by Waller's agents.

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